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Goodmorning all. I'm veeery new to CUCM and JABBER so forgive my newbie


I have an odd behavoiur with jabber CTI (currently using 11.6 but same result with 10.6)


We replaced our old ActiveDirectory and DomainController server , the old ones were (primary) and (backup), the new ones are (primary) and (backup). If I shutdown the old backup server, after few seconds Jabber disable the CTI (red cross in lower side of interface and a message "Unable to connect"), if I start againg the old backup server che connection is automatically restored after few seconds and CTI back to work


No error rised if I shutdown the old primary server and keep online the old backup. All other features of Jabber seem working ok with both old servers down.


I searched all the option in CUCM interface, and jabber client but didnt find any reference to the old IP / Server name. Only reference I found where about LDAP where I put the IP address, and in UC Services, directory where also I put the new addresses


Also I checked the jabber-config.xml on the CUCM but no reference to the old servers


Anyone can point me where look to update my configuration? Thaks much. Roberto

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Welcome to the party!

That’s a little strange - CTI and LDAP aren’t directly related. Have you verified the LDAP synch and authentication are (CUCM Admin > System > LDAP) are pointing at the new DCs? It won’t let you save those pages if something is wrong.

Otherwise it sounds like you have the basics covered: UC Service & Service Profile (if you’re doing CDI/EDI/BDI instead of UDS), Jabber-config.xml (again if you’re doing BDI or a really old EDI config). There is also an LDAP config in IM&P but that’s only for third-party XMPP clients and not used by Jabber.

Hello Jonathan, thanks for reply.


yes in LDAP configuration I have the new server's IP, also the syncronization works correctly


on UC Services I have new server's IP setted


on all Service profile I have this setting: CTI Profile - Primary=CTI Secondary=None Tertiary=None (dont know if that "CTI" profile is somewhere configured, I can see only the label)


Also i attach the XML of jabber currently used


this XML is downloaded from CUCM primary (, I noticed that on the CUCM secondary ( the <Client> section is missing from the XML, all other parameters are the same


thank you. Roberto

Hi @RobertoGuidi,
The CTI profile is configurable from

CM Administration interface

User Management -> User Setting -> UC Services
2018-09-07 15_22_44-Find and List UC Services.png

once defined there you can bundle them in a Service Profile
and than associate the a service profile with one or more user (or select a profile as a "Default service profile")

other good hint

  • be sure you load and update the jabber config on each TFTP server
  • try to install jabber on a fresh computer (that software caches a lot of parameter) even if uninstalled and reinstalled and check if it works the same or not
  • from jabber interface check the connection status
  • wireshark pcap to se whats happening

Regards Sandro

It sounds like the client is using cached settings and not picking up the new changes. Shutting the client completely and then deleting the content of these 2 directories should be sufficient (vs spinning up a new workstation):

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber


I typically just wipe the entire Jabber directories, but just deleting the content of each is fine. If the paths are too much to remember, just go to %appdata% and it'll take you to the 2nd path above within the 'roaming' directory and you can navigate from there.