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Vikram Prakash

we are facing multiple issue with jabber.

1. there are multiple cluster of UC configured with ILS . European user are able to login in INDIA but Indian user is not able to login IN Europian country. do i have to enable somethign on firewall between europian network and indian network?

2. when user logged in into jabber over CISCO NOMAD/Anyconnect call doesnt have VOICE FLOW in call.

do i need to open port on firewall between VPN ip and UC?

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Slavik Bialik
Rising star
Rising star


1. Because their home cluster is configured to be in the second cluster (EU), you must ensure that you open all the relevant firewall policies that the source address will be the network that they reside on when they are in India / EU. I would also just check in the Firewall itself, when a user is trying to login, which ports are getting blocked and also open them.

2. Makes sense, defiantly RTP ports that are blocked in your Firewall. You must open RTP ports in bi-directional traffic, from the VPN voice users to the CUCMs / GWs (better to both of them, just in case, but totally depends on your configurations). And of course, from those CUCMs & GWs back to the VPN voice users. Also, check that you have routes that route the traffic from the VPN users to the CUCMs and GWs.

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