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Jabber plays fast busy when dialing without a 9

Saima Harris

Hi everyone,

A customer asked me to block calling in Jabber without dialing a 9 to make it similar to their physical phones.
I have deleted the Application Dial rules and it is working but the customer wants the exact same experience as dialing from the physical phone, which is :
When they dial without a 9 on the physical phone they get a message that "call can not be completed as dialed, please consult your directory and call again" but from Jabber, they get fast busy.
He is asking me to make it the same error as they get on physical phones, instead of getting a busy tone on Jabber because that will confuse users.
Both are taking the exact call flow but Jabber is not playing the message.

Is it something that can be done?

CUCM 11.5


Thank you 


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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

if you use same route pattern  for Jabber and desk phone, you should get that message which a desk phone user gets. 


You can use Dialed Number Analysis for find out what's the call flow for both phone and jabber and do fine tuning your configuration. 

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Hi Nithin,


DNA shows the exact same route.

When I dial without 9 it says "Unallocated Number", "Block This Pattern"  - for both, Jabber and physical phone.

Dialing with a 9 takes the same route in both cases.

I have also verified, both have the same MRGL assigned.