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last usuage report of Softphone which is in unknown condition

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Is there any option to get the last registration time or usuage of the softphones. We have around 185 softphones and is in unknown state.

Due to some license issue, we would like to remove some softphones which is not been used.

We are using CUCM in UCS platform. I tried with RTMT by going to devce search but could not select the status as "Unknown" and am not getting the softphone details when i choose "unregisterd".I tried with CUCM_reporting but no luck.Please help me in this.



Dinu Nair

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Phone status is held inside of the RIS DB (Real Time Information DataBase).

The information in this table has a shelf life of only like 48 or 72 hours.  So, if the phone in CUCM shows the ip address, and says unregistered, it was unregistered with the last 72 hours (or so).  If it has no IP address and says unknown, then it was atleast 72 hours ago (or so), if not longer, and then there's not way to tell, unless you archive your log files off box and can search through gigbytes and gigbytes of log files.

Alternatively, you can turn to CDR, and ask this question "If a phone hasn't received or placed a call in the last 90 days, can I delete it?"

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