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Meeting Place not listing created meetings

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Level 1

I have created a meeting using microsoft outlook and the meeting is not been displayed in the meeting place site, it happens randomly, some meetings get lsited some not.

Meeting place version 2.0

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Ginger Dillon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi -

You could be experiencing problems with the MPE Outlook plugin. To make sure it's enabled, here are a couple of things to check:

- When you open up a new meeting in Outlook, you should see the MeetingPlace tab. Make sure you select this tab and login, if prompted. I recommend doing this before entering other data into the meeting notice.

- These instructions are for Outlook 2003 - go to Outlook - Tools - Options - Other tab - Advanced Options - Add-in Manager, make sure the add-in MeetingPlace for Outlook is checked.

- From Outlook - go to Help - About Microsoft Office Outlook - click Disabled Items - make sure MPE plugin is NOT disabled here. Sometimes this happens with Outlook. If you see MPE here, click on the plugin and select Enable. Close - reopen Outlook.

- One last recommendation - if you schedule a meeting from Outlook using the MPE tab and later need to update the meeting, update it from Outlook. The same goes for the web - if you schedule from the web and later need to update, reupdate from the web. Mixing the two does not properly re-notify your recipients of the updated meeting notice.

Regards, Ginger