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MeetingPlace 8.5 , Vmware Esxi 5.0

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Do Any know when cisco will support Esxi version 5.0? is it tested till now ?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Current plan is to test the new UCS M3 servers and VMWare 5.0 with MeetingPlace 8.5 MR3 which is scheduled to happen by Aug/Sept 2012.  The UCS M2 servers are still available for sale until August 31, 2012 and the VMWare 4.1 can still be licensed by VMware during the license request cycle. 

will VMware 5.0  be supported on UCS B200M2 series as well?

Yes, we will certify VMware 5.0 with the MeetingPlace approved UCS configuration currently listed on  System Requirements document with MR3. 

Hi Bobby, your post here was from back in May so was just wondering if these testing timescale are still on track. I have a customer with some B200 blades that have 4.1 on today and they want to upgrade to ESXi5 and the Meetingplace is the only thing holding it back right now.


Yes, we are still testing VMWare 5.0 and targeting MR3 release for Q3/CY2012 (not september as you listed)


Can you also respond to this post?

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C220/240 support is coming with MP8.5MR3 release targeted for Q4CY2012

Not sure what is spec based support, but only tested UCS platform will be supported.

No co-residency restriction to be relaxed in MP8.5MR3 release.


Spec based means HP/IBM and even Cisco SKU as long as they run certain processor CPU speed etc. Other apps support this model just fine

See here



According to BU, MP will not support co-res in the current or any future release.


Thats right, it is mentioned above in Miro's post too


Thanks Srini,

I think the sentence was a little confusing to me, so I looked for further clarification. I guess this will only make MP even harder to sell, provided that other UC apps now support M3 blades, hence we would have more room to accomodate other apps such as MP.

In one of your other posts you mentioned "why is MP so special? that it wont support co-res and specs based hw configs?" I think this specific question hasn't been answered yet... And I'm wondering the same on this side...

Although the tecnical reasons for this haven't been revealed, I think Cisco should make an effort to make this application more flexible to fulfill the customer and market demands, or at least give a logical explanation why they can't do it. Isn't the main purpose of virtualization to reduce the hw footprint? I don't think Cisco is achieving a whole lot with MP.

Meetingplace in my opinion, is the only hybrid conference solution and most cost effective for customers looking further than meet-me or ad hoc conferences, in addition to web conferencing. I know cisco meetings server might be an alternative, but i dont think that solution will offer the same capabilities as MP yet.

I will apreciate any feedback from you, and specially from Cisco on these matters.



I completely agree with you on that point. With the upcoming webex meeting on premise I guess I can see a blade being consumed by MP/WebEx due to the processing needs of mixing audio/video/web but currently today when we are just running audio especially in smaller installs like the C200 where one could have MP take 4 vCPU the remaining v CPU should be open to other apps.



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