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Migration as part of UCCS

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Level 1

My customer purchased UCSS for 400 CUCM users (4 x UCSS-UCM-3-100=) and UCSS for 100 IP Communicators (1 x UCSS-CUMC-3-100=) almost three years ago.

They don't use the IP Communicators as adjunct phone, but as standalone phones. (At this point, I believe they maybe should've bought UCSS for

500 users...)

When we migrate them to UCL, will we then end up w/ 500 UCL ENH users?

Granted, everything will still work, but we will have to add SNR for these 500 users. Can we just mail licensing for the remaining DLU's?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In this scenario, as the customer migrates to UCL, seems like all their devices are primary users, they need to buy enhanced UCSS for all 500 users.

If the customer is upgrading using 3x3 promotion they will get additional SNR DLU’s iwth the 3x3 purchase, on the other hand, if they are using existing UCSS contract to upgrade, customer / partner needs to work with licensing to get the additional SNR DLU’s ( 500 x2 = 1000 in this case) to enable SNR


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