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Migration CUC1.2 to CUC7.1

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Currently I'm using CUC1.2 with CCM 4.3. I have new CUC7.1 box and would like to migrate.

Appreciate if someone could answer the following questions.

1. How should I migrate current CUC1.2 License to CUC7.1?

2. Should I import the License After everything import or before importing such as mailbox, messages, etc.

3. Any other suggestion or advise?

Current CUC1.2 is using as Voice Mail Only & Auto Attendent.

I will use COBRAS utility for migration.

Thank you so much.



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Ginger Dillon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Phyo -

You are going to use a combination of two Cisco docs: Upgrade and Reconfiguration Guide - for moving from CUC 1.2 to CUC 7.X; and the Install Guide for CUC 7.X.  The Upgrade guide says to do the Cobras import first, then continue with the Install guide steps, which appear to mention licensing at that point.  That being said, I recommend Installing CUC 7.X with the default demo license and integrate it with your CUCM 4.3 system.  The demo license comes with 2 ports, 10 subscribers and it is a good idea to test the integration with a couple of test users before moving off of your CUC 1.2 system.

You should have received a PAK, I believe, for a Unity 7.0 upgrade license (if you are under UCSS contract (used to be called SAU); or if you were not under UCSS, you bought CUC 7.X outright and still received a new PAK.  You will register this with Cisco Licensing or (both require CCO userid) using the MAC of your new server.  I would turn right around and email your CUC 1.2 license file and ask for it to be rehosted to the new server MAC, saying you are moving to CUC 7.X on new server (it helps to be very specific with Licensing and include this in your Subject Line).  I would register your CUC 7 PAK and rehost the CUC 1.2 license before you migrate so you have received them via email and downloaded to network drive.

P.S. When ready, upload your license file(s) to CUC 7.X.  Before you apply your permanent license file(s) to CUC 7.X, you will need to uncheck the demo license file.  Then check the perm license file and Save.

Hope this helps!  Ginger