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Migration Week - Cisco Unified CM Upgrades & Upgrade App

Jeffrey Ou


I would like to welcome you to UC Migration Week and Ask the Expert.  I am the Program Lead for our Drive to Collab Upgrade Program where we are looking to assist our partners and customers in migrating to our latest CUCM versions and take advantage of our latest capabilities and experiences.  Let me know if you have any questions on upgrades, reasons to upgrade, and our programs.

One item I would like to highlight is our Upgrade App.  If you're not familiar with it can help you tremendously with upgrade planning.  This app will essentially check your CUCM enviroment and:

  • Inventory key items such as server hardware, phones, and gateways
  • Check software versions and compatibility of key applications (e.g.  Unity Connection, MeetingPlace, CCX, etc)
  • Determine license counts to send to our licensing team
  • Recommend actions required prior to upgrade
  • Provide upgrade procedures specific to your scenario.

Running this app (available for for iPads, Android Tablets, and Windows applications) can save you significant time and help you better prepare for your upgrade.

You can find more details and download the tool at:

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Hi Evan,

Thanks for you feedback.

We have just posted a new version with the bug fix of the Windows version of the App, please give it a try



My apologies if this sounds harsh but you should really test your applications. This version does give me a report (so one step forward) but the scroll bar has been removed (so one step back) - I cannot scroll the report. In addition, I cannot add-on checking any of my other systems (UCCX, Unity, etc.) because if I do I cannot scroll to the start the assessment.

Also, when I try to open the PDF from within the application I get a blank screen - eventually I get a dialog box that has no real information.

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the feedback, we are looking to fix this asap.



FYI ... the "CUCM Upgrade Web Tool" just redirects back to the page that you can download the apps.  Apparently there is no web tool - you should fix or remove the link.

Trad Tobaishat

I have tried PCD  for the first time to migrate CUCM for one of our big customers and PCD was adding a ',' in the hostname and that was breaking the Migration.

The TAC case I have the BU doesnt really seams to know what exactly the reason for that and they are still checking for the last 2 months.

PCD is great time and effort saver if it works. It will be nice to more focus from the BU on PCD.


@Trad... saw your Oct post about PCD adding a "," in hostname.  Out of curiosity, do you have TAC SR# for that?

(asking as there was issue with similar symptom fixed in PCD 10.5(3) and 11.0(1) that only happened when source/destination hostnames were the same ... what PCD version were you using?)

jarias...send me direct mail to if you want the case number.

I never used 11.0 as it was pulled out from CCO at that time. Started with 10.5.2 and then 10.5.3 and the problem was the same.


I need some help regarding Cisco Collab upgrade tools. We are struggling to get information from this tool and getting attached error of DNS.Collab Upgrade error.jpg

And For this we have troubleshoot DNS end while doing below exercise.

  1. Ping from CUCM to DNS – working
  2. CUCM Hostname resolution from Admin Machine where this tool running – getting proper output

I have CUCM Cluster with PUB (DC), SUB1 (DC) and SUB2.

Please let me know why this is failing on same stage.

Hello Niraj,

Please feel free to reach out to me directly, at Unfortunately the Collab Upgrade scanner requires forward and reverse DNS as part of its function, for every node. It sounds like you've exhausted that possibility.  It is also possible you've run across a bug where incorrect credentials can be reported as a DNS error. Can you confirm that has the same "OS Admin" credentials as You can test with just SSH into The scanner doesn't have a provision for separate credentials. That is something we are hoping to add, in the future.

Please respond via email and we can look at logs and other options next.

Thank you,



Hi there. Hoping this is not a dopey post and that it's easily resolvable so that we can extract the .PDF upgrade guidance file and socialise it with out customer.

We cannot get 226690523_CollabUpgrade.msi to successfully install and run in several Windows environments.

Windows event viewer show that "DriveTo9Pc.exe" crashes without ever presenting a GUI whether signed in as Domain Admin or Local Admin.

It does work OK on one Windows 10 laptop but not on any of our Partner lab VMs or most importantly on any of the customer's own PCs.

We are rapidly losing interest in this tool after installing it on at least 7 different PCs on Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, in 3 different networks. Please help to restore our flagging spirits.



Hello Richard,

Thank you for your reaching out. We have been seeing issues regarding some versions of .Net Framework.  The dev team is working on it and should have something in the next several days. I'd be glad to work with you directly on this. Please reach out to me when you can at

Thank you,

Michael Dennick


All - the correct answer to "cannot get 226690523_CollabUpgrade.msi to successfully install and run in several Windows environments." is...

The following package should be downloaded and installed into windows machine. That resolves the issue in our lab for windows 7, 8 and 10.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Michael Dennick and crew can take credit for that correct answer.

Merry Xmas one and all - this is all of New Zealand signing out until 5 January.


We are working on a CUCM upgrade proposal for one of the customer having Call Manager 8.6 with Unity connection 8.6 on MCS servers WITHOUT any active support contract.

Customer want to migrate to latest version along with upgrading all the license to CUWL Standard. Cisco LCU utility transforms the existing DLU’s to UCL Enhanced-250 & UCL Basic-50

We are proposing BE6K for this requirement. CCW is not allowing me to choose both license version upgrade(8.x to 11.5) & license feature upgrade (UCL-Basic/Enhanced to CUWL Std) together. As per BE6K ordering guide, I have to select license feature upgrade only, when migrating to BE6K with license Feature upgrade.

Whereas CUCM ordering guide is stating us to add both Version Migration and License Feature upgrade as separate line item.

Can anyone guide me whether 'License Feature Upgrade' alone is enough for this scenario (Migrating from 8.x to 11.x on BE6K with upgrade of licenses to CUWL standard WITHOUT any active cisco support).

Do we need to add License feature upgrade part code alone



we have to add both License version upgrade & License feature upgrade part code


I hope the Version upgrade is different for BE6K and CUCM/BE7K.

You have to do one only. When you do CM + APPS to CUWL as an example you are uplifting the licensing and adding SWSS too. The UPG options are keeping you at the same level and by the time you do it for ENH plus Unity VM it will be more expensive than uplifting to CUWL

So if you have certain number of ENH plus VM, use CM + APPS to CUWL and that's it

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