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Multiple Hunt Group Log in

Level 1
Level 1

Callmanger 6.1.3190.

I have a scenario where a user wants to be able to log in/out of two different Hunt Groups.

I have tried a test setup with a number making it a member of 2 Hunt Groups and assigning the Hlog softkey.

However when you log in /out it is both Hunt groups.

Is there any way of specifying which Hunt group you want to log in /out of ?



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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Not in UCM. I believe you can pull it off with CME. Please specify which product and version you're using when posting.

James Hawkins
Level 8
Level 8

One very clunky solution would be to use a phone with multiple lines - 796x - and create multiple extension mobility profiles for each user.

If, for example the user was a member of two hunt groups the user would have three directory numbers:

Main DN

Hunt Group 1 DN

Hunt Group 2 DN

He would then have three EM profiles as shown below:

Profile 1

Line 1 Main DN

Line 2 Hunt Group 1

Line 3 Hunt Group 2

Profile 2

Line 1 Main DN

Line 2 Hunt Group 1

Line 3 Unassigned

Profile 3

Line 1 Main DN

Line 2 Unassigned

Line 3 Hunt Group 2

The user would then have to logout and then login to the appropriate profile as required to join/leave hunt groups. All profiles would still have the HLog key to allow him to log out of hunt groups and just accept calls to his personal extension.

As I said at the start it is clunky but may be ok if it is only an occasional requirement.