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No Access to Web GUI CPC Demo


Hello Support Team


I just install the CPC Demo in my VSphere and finish the installation, but the Access to the Web GUI doesnt work, althought I have ping to the VM.


The show application status cpcm shows the expected services , and the only thing that I presumed that could be the root cause is not enough Host RAM, because I left the CPC VM with 1 or 2 GB (my Server dont have the 22Gb RAM default for CPC).


Thanks for your help and advice.


Best Regards.





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Anthony Gerbic
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is this the Provisioning or Assurance VM and what OVA size are you using? Do you have both VMs loaded and if so are the UIs converged?  I assume this is version 10.5.1 as that is the correct demo version at this point.

Also what browser and browser revision are you using? IE 10 should work with any PC 10.x rev. Firefox ESR24.x should work as well.

You can probably fire up the small OVA of Provisioning with 1G of RAM though 2G is required. Assurance will take a lot more minimum, even for the small OVA.

Please provide more info.


[+5] to Tony for providing the tips .


you can also refer the Quick start guide  for VM requirements in Table 2 and Table 3 for the respective applications.





The OVA is the cpc-assurance-, that I downloaded from

 EVAL-CPCA-A-C-10.5MCisco Prime Collaboration Assurance/Analytics/CCA 10.5 (Medium)


I tried in my Firefox 33.0 and IE 11. Its something strange that in the process of setup there isnt any warning of low RAM or something like that, if it could be the reason that I cant access the Web GUI, ¿dont it?


I deployed CPC Assurance V9 on a VM server installing the cpc-assurance-9.0.0-24376-small.OVA

I managed to access the web GUI only with IE version 8 and 10; though IE 10 works better.

VM is set with 8GB RAM and disc is 150 GB.

No performence issues yet (lab environment).

Helpful ?

I just increase the VRAM to 2GB, and 8GB also, and I have the same issue: No access to the Web GUI


Attach is the VSphere configuration for the VM

Hi ,

I was referring the Table for link shared by me .For medium deployment, RAM is 22GB and VCPUs is 8. In the snapshot shared , it shows less.Can u  increase further and check?

Virtual Machine Requirements for Prime Collaboration Assurance
Endpoints Managed in Prime CollaborationNumber of CPUsCPU ReservationRAMMemory ReservationNICDisk Space

Up to 1000 endpoints (Small- can include up to 100 TelePresence systems only)

612 GHz14 GB14 GB1 GB150 GB
Up to 10,000endpoints (Medium- can include up to 1000 TelePresence systems only)816 GHz22 GB22 GB1 GB200 GB
Up to 80,000 endpoints (Large-can include up to 6000 TelePresence systems only.)1632 GHz30 GB30 GB1 GB500 GB
Up to 150,000 endpoints (Very Large-can include up to 6000 TelePresence systems only.) Prime Collaboration Analytics is not supported for this model.1836 GHz32 GB32 GB1 GB750 GB




Hi Aman


I finally get the Web GUI access with VRAM of 8GB and HD of 300GB for CPC , it took some minutes for enable the Web Access , but it works, however it consumes almost all the RAM of my Host server.



thanks for update.The doubt is on vRAM.Please do observe else try increasing vRAM.




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