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Outbound call routing.
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Level 1

I have a client that handles all there outbound call routing with Route patterns in the CUCM. They have a DID group of (339) XXX-2100-2199. They also have a Route Pattern that handles all calls when a caller picks up and dials 21XX and another pattern that handles all calls 8.1(339) XXX-21XX. ( They need to dial 8 to get an outside line ) So no matter how the caller tries to dial the telephone number it stays internal and never goes out to the provider. This way they keep costs down and don't send calls out only for then to come back in again. 

The question that I have is this. One of the DID's has been ported to another carrier for testing. If you call it from a cell phone or any other outside line it works well and has no issues but when you try to dial that "one" phone number from inside the CUCM the call fails because it never leaves to go to the provider to be routed to the new carrier. 

Is there any way that I can change the route pattern or write a new route pattern so that this single number will route out to the carrier?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee