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Outbound Calls from CUCM Voicemail port numbers?

Chin Jam
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,

I see CUCM voice ports as the calling DN in RTMT trace logs.  I am trying to understand how a CUCM voicemail port can be the calling DN of an outbound external call?


I don't see any Call handlers that are transferring calls to external numbers. 


Is there another scenario that could apply here?


Any help would be appreciated.




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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
Hi CJ,

Do you have any analog gateways like ATA, VG series which has FXS ports configured in CUCM. If so, there are possibilities that this could happen when the devices connected to these ports are making calls.

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Thanks Rajan for your reply but I edited my original port to clarify my issue. 


I am seeing CUCM voicemail port extensions making external calls in RTMT call traces (as the calling DN).  There are no Unity call handlers with input options to transfer out to the PSTN so i am unsure where these calls are originating?


I have remote destination/SNR profiles, Cisco Jabber/IM Presence in my environment in addition to CUCM and Unity.


Any help would be appreciated.



You may have a fraud issue. How often and to where are the calls going?



Thanks for your response..


The calls are very seldom.  I have only seen 1 or 2 in the last month that are destined to an external local number. 


I am no expert but I'm just not sure in what scenario would allow a voicemail port to make an external call when no  input options are configured to transfer to an external number.  

Hello Chin,


If calls are originating from CUCM, you can verify it in CDR and RTMT traces also, in case the originating  point is your Voice mail system, then you will have to verify and update your restriction table in Unity Connection.

You can configure block parameter for external calls.

i have scene many cases where fraud calls originate from Unity Connection when restriction table not updated correctly.




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Thanks, Hari Prasad



I agree with Hari, and that is where I was going next. Fortunately it isn't often, so that is a good sign, but you don't want anyone dialing out through Unity unless it is for a special purpose and then it would be restricted to that purpose only.


Good Luck!