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password uniqueness - Prompt

We are running Unity 5.0 and have phone password uniqueness enabled with 2 password history. When user changes password and when the password entered matches a password already stored in the history, Unity prompts with "need a valid password to use the system, enter a new password". Can we change Unity to prompt with a more meaningfull phase; "Not a valid password. Password must not be the same as the previous old password."

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Adam Thompson

If you look in your prompts directory (mine is located at D:\CommServer\Localize\Prompts\) you will see that all of the prompts are grouped together based on their function. I believe that the prompt you are looking for is located in the AvSubSetupUtils folder. If you look at the prompt.ini file, it outlines the prompt name and what the .wav says.

You could just record another .wav file with what you want it to say and replace the current .wav file, using the same file name of course.



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This is true, but be aware TAC and the BU do not support hacking up the prompts - more than one site has come to grief changing a prompt that they didn't realize was also used elsewhere in the conversation. In this case also be aware that same prompt may be used if the password doesn't meet minimum length requirements and/or if the simplicity rule is violated - hence it's general wording. If you make it too specific you may cause confusion.

Just proceed with caution...

Thanks You.

Is there a plan to change the error prompt accordingly? For example, if password doesn't meet minimum length, it will prompt "the password does not meet minimum length". Or when user reuses the password, it will prompt "password already usied previously"

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