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Prime Collaboration Deployment 10.5(2) Capability/Compatibility

Levi Halford
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Level 1

The release notes for PCD 10.5(2) specifically states...  The following are not compatible with Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment:

  • Cisco UC Virtualization Hypervisor (appears as "Hypervisor Edition" in vSphere Client)- preloaded on Cisco Business Edition 6000 and 7000.

Does this mean that PCD cannot be loaded on to the BE server that has "Hypervisor Edition", or does this mean that we cannot use PCD to Migrate, Upgrade, and Install CUCM on UCS servers with Hypervisor Edition" (BE6k/BE7k)???

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Level 1
Level 1

It's been a while since I looked into this, but from what I remember the basic ESXi license that comes with the BE 6000/7000 does not allow PCD to integrate with certain functionality of ESXi required to migrate UC servers.  I suppose you can still install the PCD VM on the BE series, though I haven't tried, but you still would not be able use it while migrating VMs to the BE6000/7000.

Can it still be used to do fresh installs and upgrades on BE?

It can if the BE is running FND or higher

If it has the free HYP it can't since it needs the API that the free license doesn't provide



To do upgrades or installs PCD creates an NFS datastore on the ESXi host which is where the upgrade/install media will be located.  PCD has to use that NFS datastore during the process.  The base ESXi license with the BE series does not have the required VMWare APIs to do this.