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Prime Collaboration Provisioning 10.5 -- Abort Orders

Joseph E Spoon

I have an order in Unrecoverable error state and need to clear it out.  In Provisioning Manager there was a command line utility to do this, but I'm unsure of how to do this in Prime Collaboration.


I've seen other posts that say go to All Activities, find the order and cancel...but I do not see that option on my server.



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Anthony Gerbic
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The UI based order cancel function was added in PCP 11.0, which is the current shipping version.

In most cases PCP 10.5.x problem orders will automatically move to the HOLD state.

For earlier versions of PCP, below is the process:

This tool is recommended for use by TAC so if you do not have a good understanding of the failed Orders in Provisioning system, do not use this tool; Aborting an active order can result in data integrity issues.

Location of the script:

On the PCP installed server, this tool can be found in /opt/cupm/sep/ipt/bin as . The 'globaladmin' password is required to execute this tool.


  1. Login to application server as root via CLI
  2. Change the script directory:
    cd /opt/cupm/sep/ipt/bin
  3. Run the script with appropriate options:
    For listing the tool usage, Run AbortOrders with no parameters in the CLI.
    ./ <userid> <password> \[ Errors \| RecoverableErrors \| Unrecoverable Errors \| <Order_id> \[-forced\]\]
                  Errors : Aborts all the orders which are in error 'ed state (either "Recoverable" or "Unrecoverable")
       RecoverableErrors : Aborts all the orders which are in a "Recoverable" error state
     UnrecoverableErrors : Aborts all the orders which are in a "Unrecoverable" error state
                Order_id : Aborts the order with the specified ID
                 -forced : Forces the order with the specified ID to abort. This switch should be used to force abort an Order only when normal abort fails to complete.
                           Works only with Order_id and not with Errors.
    For aborting an Order with ID 15,
         ./ globaladmin 3xAGI6I197 15
    When the order is stuck and does not abort normally with the above command, use -forced switch
         ./ globaladmin 3xAGI6I197 15 -forced
    For aborting Errors / RecoverableErrors / Unrecoverable Errors
         ./ globaladmin 3xAGI6I197 Errors
         ./ globaladmin 3xAGI6I197 RecoverableErrors
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