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Problem with Auto Attendant set -up

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Level 1

I am using Unity 5.0 with CUCM 7.1.  I have set up auto attendants with Call Handler at 2 high schools.  One works perfectly.  The other is set up a little differently because it is only supposed to work after hours.  However, I can not get the after hours one to work properly.  Every time I call to check the menus, I get a message telling me, "The example administrator is unavailable please leave a message."  I have opened the call handlers up side by on my screens and they are exactly the same as far as I can tell. (I have done this several times and had a colleague do it as well).  It's driving me a little crazy at this point.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions


Example: Create a CH 1 = Open_CH, Create CH 2 = Closed_CH-OpeningGreeting

Greetings > Standard > Source = Blank

Greetings > Standard > After Greeting = Send Caller to Subscriber (Select "Attempt Transfer For") and then the actual Subscriber

Greetings > Closed = Enabled

Greetings > Closed > Source = Blank

Greetings > Closed > After Greeting = Send Caller to Call Handler "Closed_CH-OpeningGreeting"

Closed_CH-OpeningGreeting. The standard greeting will be used. It should say, "For English, press 1. For Spanish, press 2" and repeat in Spanish for Spanish-speaking callers.

Option 1 goes to a new Call Handler. Create CH 3 = Closed_CH-En, record all prompts in English. Do whatever you need for Caller Input as well.

Option 2 goes to a new Call Handler. Create CH 4 = Closed_CH-Sp, record all prompts in Spanish. Do whatever you need for Caller Input as well.

The only is if you need to be able to route to multiple callers on the first action - i.e., calls during open hours are answered with no greetings. You have 2 choices. You can translate the inbound number and the configure it as a generic school number. Ex: 7035551212 translates to 7031091100. This number is a CTI route point to go to voice mail and you have a number such as 7031091000 as a generic VM for the various admins that should answer calls. This number is a subscriber but is set up as a Hunt Pilot with Line Group Members, alternate MWI, etc (or just a shared line). The second choice is probably cleaner for you. You skip the Call Handler for open hours all together. Use ToD routing rules on CUCM and after hours send calls directly to the CH that offers the English and Spanish options.

That's about it.


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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Brent,

It almost sounds as if the "Closed Greeting" was recorded incorrectly (in the wrong area). Can you try

recording a new Closed greeting and test this out.



Is the call flow the same for both call handlers??



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Hey Brent,

Rob is likely on to something here.  What you are hearing is the default greeting which is, "The is unavailable please leave a message."  With a Call Handler, the is the owner of the Call Handler or the Subscriber configured to receive voice messages after a greeting is played.  In your case, the owner is EAdmin which is where the Example Administrator comes from.  You'll want to check to verify that you have the Closed greeting recorded for this Call Handler and enabled.  You can look at the actual greetings themselves to do this.  So, in Unity on the Call Handler in question go to Greetings and then the closed greeting.  In the Media Master portion of the screen (the playback controls), you'll see whether there is a System, Recorded, or Blank greeting applied.  In addition, you'll see if the Closed greeting is enabled.  You'll want to look at the Alternate Greeting as well.  This is a common mistake in that someone will enable the Alternate Greeting (without recording anything).  In any case, the Alternate greeting will always override any other greeting if it is enabled.


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There's not a closed greeting, just a standard greeting.  The others are not set up.  It sounds fine if I just listen to the greeting from the recording in Unity, but when I dial the number that is associated to the profile in CUCM I get the message.

OK.  So, a couple points:

If you want a closed greeting to play based on a schedule - you have to apply both a schedule and record a closed greeting.  So, I guess my first question would be to explain what you desire the call flow to be for the Handler that isn't working...that will help determine what you need to set up.

Secondly, if you send screen shots of the various configuration screens - I'll be glad to take a look at them and see how what you have lines up with what you actually want.

Can you do that?


Created:9/24/2009 3:58:14 PM
Owner:Example Administrator - UNITY
Owner type:
Recorded voice:
Active schedule: View
Extension (optional):

Here is my set up for the profile.  There is not an alternate greeting.  I recorded a closed greeting and enabled it and I am still getting the same message.


Transfer incoming calls to a phone?
No (send directly to greeting)
Yes, ring extension for: Example Administrator - UNITY ()
Yes, ring this extension:

While  transferring, notify caller?
Do not play the "Wait while I transfer your call"  prompt

Transfer type:
Release to switch
Supervise transfer
Rings to wait for:
If the number is busy
Always hold
No holding
Ask caller

Gather caller information:
Introduce ('call for name')
Confirm (call can be accepted or refused)
Ask caller's name

Selected greeting

Enabled - No end date and  time


During greeting:
Allow  caller input

After greeting:
Take  message
Send caller to
Attempt transfer for GHS Main Menu
Do not play the "Record your message at the tone"  prompt
Reprompt the user after this many seconds of silence:
Number of times to reprompt

Subscriber - Caller Input

Caller  Input
Allow callers to dial an extension during  greeting
Milliseconds to wait for additional digits:

Key:  1
Lock this key to the action (don't wait for an additional  keypress)
Ignore key
Skip greeting
Take  message
Say goodbye
Send caller to
Caller input map

1NoIgnore key
2YesSend caller to Attempt transfer for GHS Main Menu Spanish
3NoIgnore key
4NoIgnore key
5NoIgnore key
6NoIgnore key
7NoIgnore key
8NoIgnore key
9NoIgnore key
*YesSend caller to Sign-in
0NoSend caller to Attempt transfer for Operator
#YesSkip greeting

also - before you get too far here it'd be good to make sure you check call flow using the Port Status Monitor (in the tools depot on your desktop) - I can't tell you how many similiar situations I've seen where a site will mercilessly flog a call handler configuration for days only to find out the call is being whip sawed somewhere else due to a call routing rule or an unexpcted forwarding/DID from the phone system etc...

The PSM will show which handlers the call is flowing through as you go - so if you're ending up somewhere unexpected you can see it.

The Port Monitor showed it going to the correct Call handler and then going to the example administrator message.  Looked fine until it went to the EA.

Final Screen


Message recipient:
Example Administrator -  UNITY

How to take messages
Maximum message length, in seconds:

After message action:
Say goodbye
Send caller to
Attempt transfer for Goodbye
Callers can edit messages
Mark messages as urgent?
Ask caller for their preference

OK, so I decided to start over.  I deleted the Opening Greeting of the Call handler and started over.  I set all of the settings and it still does the same thing!!!


Go ahead and open a TAC case and we'll help you out.  Let us know what the case # is.