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Provisining Tools: Stack8 & Akkadian

Stephanie Knoop
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello, Community.  I'm curious if there are users of these applications out there who would not mind sharing information with me about their experience.  Happy to have a private message or public post.  Also if there is anyone who truly believes Prime Provisioning can hold a candle to these apps, please tell me why.  Areas of inquiry:

- Functionality, ease of set up and use for Helpdesk staff (not engineers) to provision UC services

- Support from the vendor, particularly with respect to keeping up with Cisco product versions/suites (Cloud integrations?)

- Any comparative data from trials you may have done.

Thanks to all.


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Hi Stephanie,

We deployed SMACS (Stack8) approximately 1.5 years ago.  From day 0, we have been pleased with both the product, and with support.  Like many Cisco UC customers, we needed a product to assist with the daily moves, adds and changes.  We decided to go with Stack 8 for two reasons:

1.  One of our peer companies was using SMACS and they highly recommended it. 

2.  Out of the couple of products we evaluated, the Stack 8 demo sold itself.  The engineer that performed the demo was very knowledgeable and everything within the demo worked exactly like it should.

Since deploying SMACS, I honestly do not think we could live without it.  Using SMACS for provisioning has dropped the configuration time to approximately 1-2 minutes per user (for a help desk level technician).  This configuration time includes the user, phone and Jabber configuration.  Additionally, support from SMACS has been very professional and they are always knowledgeable.  We recently completed a Cisco CUCM upgrade from 11.0 to 11.5.  When it came time to upgrade the SMACS piece, Stack 8 support assisted with the upgrade and the upgrade went very smooth.

I would highly recommend the Stack 8 product.

I hope this helps. 


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Hello Stephanie,

How are you? I dont have any valid input to add to your article, but I wanted to reach out and see if you learned anything since posting in 2018? I ask because my company is looking at going with Akkadian, so I was hoping you may have some input. When time permits let me know. Thank you, Anthony 

Not sure if you have received a reply to this, but we recently integrated Akkadian Provisioning Manager with our CUCM 12.0 and CUC 12.0 environment. I would be happy to answer some questions. I am by no means a Sr. SME on Akkadian, but was involved with the installation process to the provisioning process within our environment and still managing it today.