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"To voicemail" Call Handler

Level 1
Level 1

I configured a call handler in unity 8.6 and when ever I dial the cti route point extension the phone reads "To voicemail" before the call handler transfer the call to another extension.

Also in a different scenario a call handler was created with transfer options but displays voicemail while call is in session.

Is there a way to display the name of the call handler or description of the CTI route point?

Thank You

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

This comes from "Remote-Party-ID" filed found under telephony integration --> Port Groups --> port group --> Edit --> Advanced settings and applies to the entire port group, thus I am not aware of how to make the display custom for each call once answered by Unity Connection.


Thank you for the response. I ended up fixing it by changing the display on the voicemail port that was associated with the call handler and changing the setup of the hunt pilot.

Thank You

Not sure I follow, how do you associate specific voicemail ports to call handler?

remember you are restricted to X number of ports for the entire system and share the same ports for entire CUCM integration.