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Reinstalling vSphere on BE6000H and not showing Preconfigured screen

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Hi All,

I have just reinstalled vSphere on BE6000H, the installation was successful and added the pre-installed appliances but the ESXi screen is not showing the initial message it used to show re: pre-installed applications.

I am just wondering if there is a setting on the vSphere to show the message?

Thanks in Advance,



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dwayne rattan
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Level 1

Not sure if that is going to be possible, but your appliance will be on the data store as you indicated.

What you need to look out for is because you reinstalled the vmWare license will be in eval mode you will have to apply the license key.

If you did not take a note of it before the reinstall its usually shipped together with the server.

Thanks for your comment Dwayne,

I was able to do some research. It’s the “/etc/vmware/welcome” file on the ESXi host which gets displayed.

To add colors:

So it's best if you save or download the file from Cisco. The only challenge I am having now is to figure out if there are any default kernel / vmware parameters to enhance the UC on BE6K. Also when i installed the default Cisco ESXi, all my VMNIC's to physical NIC's mapping was changed.

Cisco definitely doesn't make it easy to find those settings.


Glenn Martin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

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