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Renew UCSS for licenses CUWL PRO

I have a problem. I need renew the UCSS of licenses CUWL PRO. In the ordering guide  appears in the page 19 that the part number is L-CUWL-MISC, however in the CCW dont apperas the option L-UCSS-UWL-PRO-1Y for renew. You may indicate what is the correct part number?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Arojas,

UCSS in the new process is not a manufacturing product but is a service level (GSP) similar to the way Smartnet GSP is SNT.

The UCSS-U will show up as a separate item on the Invoice  with a Start and End date and will NOT require any Activation process. The UCSS-U (Subscription Contracts) will be renewed in CSCC where we renew other service items like ESW contracts and SmartNet contracts.

As No PAK#'s will be required for activation or registration, there will not be any paper delivery or e-delivery SKUs.

Detailed Training is available for "How to order UCSS through CCW" at:

or at under the "Training" section at the bottom.



The CCW Pricing Catalog has all the associated UCSS SKUs for CCW that can be ordered or you can go to the UCSS Mapping tool at: and put in the CUWL PRO product SKU and it will provide the associated Ordering Tool (1st gen) & CCW (3rd gen) UCSS SKU mapping aswell.

When will these be in Netformix. Not there today last I checked. That's used by alot of partners.


Hi Steve,

Thats correct, its in the works right now both on the Netformx & CCW side and should be available in the 2nd half of this calendar year.



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