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Restrict User ID to Phone

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Is there a way to restrict a phone to only allow a specific login User ID?

I need to prevent erroneous logins with the same ID across a complex mobility environment.

Thank you in advance.

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You cannot restrict login to specific user(s) on specific devices, but you can restrict so that a user cannot be logged into multiple devices. You do that by changing a service parameter. The most common setting in my experience is to automatically logout a user if it is logged in on another device already, that way you don’t have users who are logged into multiple devices.

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Thank you. That would meet the intent just fine, if only I could apply that to certain users. Unfortunately, I do need some multiple logins. Very helpful nonetheless. Thanks for the quick response!

Jonathan Schulenberg
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Another option is to write your own front end and have that perform the EM API call after applying whatever business logic you need instead of using the built-in EM Phone Service.

This could be another Phone Service but you could just as easily write a chat bot so the user is already authenticated and only needs to indicate the phone to log into. I had a customer that did a lot of hot desking in their call center bake this into their CRM application: signing into the CRM on a given thin client automatically triggered an EM login on the phone at that desk. They had a simple SQL table of desk:phone associations so the user didn’t have to do anything.

Thank you Jonathan,
I assume those are two different options? (outside my current knowledge)
If so, the first may do the trick. I would have to send that to our engineers.