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Route calls on from header number

Kenneth Bergholm


Is it possible to route calls on the number in the sip from header (calling number) in cucm 8.5.

I would like to route the calls that comes from a specific phone number from pstn to one of our linemachines that is behind cisco ccm and has its own sip trunk in cucm, but cant find any info how to achieve this, any help/hints how to fix this would be greatly appriciated.

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

To route based on calling number on the GW/CUBE you can use "answer-address" in the dial peer:

Or if have somewhat newer IOS you can use URI machining:

Thank you! Chris and Vivek will read the document links and try to get it to work in our environment., will get back to you with the result.

Vivek Batra
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

In addition to what Chris said [+5], please check the following if you want the same in CUCM. Although the title is 'Blocking calls based on calling party' but you can apply the same rule to route the calls to any destination on the basis of calling number.

- Vivek 

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