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Send screenshots not available in history


I have a user who has the following issue:

He can send a screencapture via Jabber (11.6.0) without any problem.
But the next day he cannot see the picture he send anymore. (see attachment)
Not when he scrolls up in his chat, nor when we check in the folder myjabberchats and myjabberfiles.

I know Jabber also uses the Appdata\local\temp folder for screencaptures you send.
But this gets cleaned up daily. So thinking the issue might be in here?

Is there a way to change that Jabber uses appdata\local\temp folder for saving send screencaptures?
Or another way to solve this issue?

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There was a bug filed for this issue on jabber for mac

However it was supposed to be fixed in 10.5 and higher versions. If this issue is happening across all PC's and clients then it could be a bug that you can confirm with TAC.



Thank you for your feedback.
Though this issue is on a Windows computer.

Also it is only one user having this issue. (At least that I know)

The important thing to probe here is to see if there is any other user where the screenshots work fine after closing/re-opening the PC. If there is then the problem would be specific to this user and PC only and you can compare the PC and user settings with those of working users.



Already tried that.
Even did a complete remove of Jabber (also removed all folders, registry entries) - restarted -  and reinstalled.
Copied files from my Jabber and set everything the same.

Sadly no solution :(

In that case the next step would be to get the Jabber problem report while the issue is observed and see if anything stands out in the report, maybe TAC help would be required.


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