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Slow MWI on UC 10.5(1)-Exhcange 2007 SP2 Integration

I've got a client running Unity Connection 10.5(1) and integrating single inbox to Exchange 2007 SP2.  If a voicemail is left it appears in the Exchange inbox right away and the MWI is lit.  If the user changes the status of the message within Exchange (by flagging read/unread) it takes many minutes - as much as 10-15 - for the MWI to trigger.  If the status is changed from UC (the TUI) the MWI and exchange status are changed immediately.


I'm assuming that the problem is in the integration - either it can't quickly locate the mailbox or the Notifier is acting up or some such item.   Anyone seen this or know about particular version incompatibilities that might cause this?

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Anirudh Mavilakandy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Enable EWS Notify Micro Traces.


Leave a message, read it and wait for the MWI to turn off. Note the time when you read the message and when the MWI goes off.


Collect Connection Jetty logs, You should be able to see the request coming in to turn the MWI off. Compare the time. You should be able to isolate the issue here.





Jeffrey Ness
Level 1
Level 1

This was due to a system proxy being set previously. shows the fix is adding a C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\exchweb\ews\web.config to add these lines to the <configuration> section:



<proxy usesystemdefault="false"/>



NOTE: In the Cisco article referenced above it shows system.Net, but it was found on this Exchange 2007 per the machine.config file the valid syntax was (all lowercase).

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