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SSO into Self Care Portal


Hey techies.


I hope this is an easy one... I don't mind looking silly for asking...


We've enabled SSO in our environment just yesterday... part of our Jabber roll-out.  As an unexpected surprise, logging into Call Manager is also now automated, which I like.


However, the gotcha is logging into the Self Care Portal.  On top of my AD-integrated account, I admin several departmental ON-CALL numbers which are local accounts.

When I select the portal, SSO takes me directly to my account.  I do not see an option to log in with a local account.


How can I bypass ADFS in such a case and authenticate with a local account?

Much obliged,


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Has no one done this?  Is there no way to authenticate local user accounts in the Self Care Portal when SSO is enabled?


I have no SSO experience, but my first instinct is to try "Private Browsing" in Firefox or "Incognito Mode" in Chrome - these will run a browsing session without any existing cookies and without most browser plugins activated.



Good idea Jameson... but neither made a difference.  Neither mode prevented SSO from attempting to authenticate the user against ADFS.

Gents... this is still on ongoing issue for me.  I can find no way to authenticate local CM users when SSO is enabled.

Cisco-techies... has no one faced this before?  Am I the only person to enable SSO but still need to authenticate local users in the Self-Care Portal?


We are facing a similar issue where some users have secondary AD accounts which they used to use in order to manage multiple phones for BCP purposes. With the enabling of SSO they are no longer able to login to Self Care Portal as a different user than the one they logged to their machines with. 

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