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Supported Anti-Virus for Cisco Agent Desktop 8.5 Express

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Is there a "list" of supported and tested anti-virus programs for CAD 8.5 Express? I have looked in the documentation and the closest I can come to is that it has been tested against the major antivirus software vendors.

I'm sure that McAfee, Symantec, and Trend Micro are included but are there others that have been tested and are now supported?            

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I appreciate your response. I have checked the links you provided and they do not mention which products (i.e. McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, etc...) which have been formally tested by Cisco and supported.

I will keep looking if such a list exists.

Thank you very much.

Hi Vincent,

Referring to the UCCX 8.5 datasheet,


To  help maintain network security in the contact center and throughout the  enterprise, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express supports Cisco  Security Agent, as well as virus-detection software from the major  antivirus software vendors. Cisco Security Agent is a host-based  intrusion detection system that provides security to mission-critical  enterprise servers and hosts. It provides benefits beyond conventional  endpoint security solutions, such as virusscanning software and  firewalls, by identifying and preventing malicious behavior before it  can occur. This process helps remove potential known and unknown  security risks that threaten enterprise networks and applications. By  analyzing behavior rather than relying on signature matching, Cisco  Security Agent complements the capabilities of the antivirus software;  together, they provide a robust solution to protect your network and  reduce operational costs.

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Yes, I had found that but I was hoping to see if there was a specific list but I don't see one. I do appreciate the responses and will try to see if such a list exists.