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Supported Backup Software for unity 4.0.5


What is the recommended backup software to backup Unity data and software since Dirt can only backup data.


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Technically, Dirt is your best option as it will only backup what is necessary to restore. Other backup software may function on a Unity server, but may not have TAC support. Your best bet is to use Dirt to get a full Unity backup, and not try and fool around with other developers applications, because if the application doesn't work properly, TAC will not be able to help you restore the data, and you will have to go to the developers of the backup software.

By using Dirt, you get full TAC support, and also a program specifically written for Unity settings and messages if you want.

Just my two cents.

Cisco's official response for Third Party backup Programs

Support Policy for Backup Software

Cisco support policy is that customers can deploy third-party software for backup on the Cisco Unity server. However, Cisco expects that customers (or their systems integration partners) will have tested the interoperability of such products with Cisco Unity before the products are deployed, to mitigate the risk of problems being discovered within the production environment between Cisco Unity and the third-party products loaded on the Cisco Unity server.

If a customer calls Cisco TAC with a problem, a Cisco TAC engineer may require that such third-party software be turned off or even removed from the Cisco Unity server during the course of troubleshooting. If it is determined that the interoperability between the third-party software and Cisco Unity was the root cause of the problem, then the third-party software will be required to be disabled or removed from the Cisco Unity server until such time that the interoperability issue is addressed, so that the customer can continue to have a functional Cisco Unity system.

Before installing any qualified Microsoft service pack on the Cisco Unity server, confirm that the manufacturer of any optional third-party software or hardware that you plan to install on the Cisco Unity server—or that is already installed—also supports the service pack for use with its product.

For information on backing up Cisco Unity, refer to the applicable version of the Cisco Unity Maintenance Guide at

Is Tapeware by Yosemite compatible with Unity MCS Server

Can backup software reside on unity server or has to be elsewhere?

Hin Lee
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In the past, Backup Exec was tested and approved.

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