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Track Admin changes in CUCM 8.6 / UCCX 8.5

George Yarchak

             I am the Program Manager for our Cisco Unified Comm systems. We are operating CUCM 8.6 and UCCX 8.5 in an enterprise cluster over WAN. I have administrators at several sites, so looking over their should is not an option when they go in and make changes. I need a way to generate reports on any and all changes to our Unified Comm systems as a function of our Change Management process and procedures. Is there a way I can get this data natively from these systems without purchasing 3rd party software our vendor is hawking? We are already using Crystal Reports to pulls our Contact Centers stats. Any reasonable thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Chris Deren
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Within CUCM you can pull the audit reports which show all changes made, though the report is not easy to read, it is more of a log than a report. I am not aware of any such log on UCCX side though.

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Chris is correct - there are 'audit logs' but they are not easy at all to read, and often don't contain the real detail of changes made... just indications that particular records were modified.

Theoretically you could parse them with some software to extract the info that is there... maybe even take config snapshots via AXL and correlate the changes to get more detail... not simple. If this is really important a third party app is probably the way to go. Evaluate carefully


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thanks for the responses.

I am looking at UPLINX software for their reporting solution.

George Y

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