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UCS 12.5 Domain Configuration

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We have a semi-new 12.5 CUCM setup. I am currently experiencing the "License Authorization Status: Failed". on the Unity Connection servers only. When I run "Utils Diagnose Test" I get the reverse DNS lookup mismatch error. The entries in DNS are correct and there are no extra entries. I checked the DNS servers on eth0 and noticed that the domain name is not set. Could this be causing the problem?

If I run the command to set the domain I get a warning that database replication will be broken and to reboot all servers once the changes are made. It also warns that all CUCM certificates will be regenerated. Has anyone else gone through this in a live environment?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You seem to have several issues, you need DNS resolution to have smart licensing work, either cloud or satellite SSM (as well as necessary ports being open).

The server itself is recommended to have FQDN, but it's not mandatory, that's a separate problem.

Yes, if you change/add the domain name from the server(s) all the certificates will be regenerated as the CN from the certificate is either the hostname or the FQDN.

There is documentation that explains the exact steps to follow for domain name changes, it has to be followed to the letter to avoid any issues. If you were using CA signed certificates they'll have to be signed again, if you had secure communication with other systems and you exchanged certificates, you will need to do so again (if using self-signed or changing the CA)



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Hello Jaime,

Thank you for the response. As far as I know we do have DNS resolution. The same settings that are on the Call Manager servers are setup on the Unity Connection servers with the exception of the domain being set in Call Manager. The Call Manager servers are OK in terms of licensing and DNS resolution. Is there anything you can think of that I can check? Maybe something I am overlooking?

If I dont have to change the domain if I dont need to then I will leave as is.