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Unable to Edit Devices after CUCM 12.x Upgrade

Kelin Webb

I'm getting the following error in CUCM when attempting to edit a device after we updated from 11.x to 12.x 


Update failed. SSH Password is not valid. SSH Password is an encrypted value containing up to 288 hexadecimal characters (0-9 and A-F)

I'm still digging around but I feel like a feature/service was enabled by default after the upgrade that I need to locate and disable? 

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Matthew S

Are you able to change the "Secure Shell Password" on the Device -> Phone Page?

The field is available, however, no matter what is entered it won't seem to accept the changes. I can't ever recall needing to edit/adjust that field previously; and it seems some phones have info filled in and other don't.


Updating: Realized that there's a patch available that potentially resolves this issue, hopefully:

Yeah, CSCve59587 looks like the bug you're hitting. 

Still seem to be having the issue after applying

TAC is still looking into this issue for us. The most recently released files/version has not resolved this for us. I've been advised 12.5 might be our resolution; still have TAC on it.

Will be looking for a workaround as we're not able to edit/adjust any of our phones. 

Hello Kelin,

I have the same problem with some of my phones.

Do you have resolution of that problem?


Best regards,

Uladzimir Hryharovich

The Bug status says its fixed with the code incorporated in the following versions:


This thread is linked to that bug. Are you in one of those fixed releases? If you are in a diff release can you paste that here as well.
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Please rate if you find this helpful.


I've upgraded my cluster from 10.5 to 12.0 and now I have version. It looks like I have a problem with it.


Best regards,

Uladzimir Hryharovich

I am also on this version and am having this issue with SOME of my phones.


System version: Unrestricted




No sure about other versions you mentioned here but I had similar issue on CUCM version Cisco TAC provided following workaround:


In order to identify all devices with the non-hexadecimal value, run the following query: 

run sql select name , sshpassword from device 


Filter devices to identify the password issue or you can confirm the password on the affected devices with query: 

run sql select name , sshpassword from device where name="MAC_add"   

+++ Do Not Change "MAC_add" +++


After identifying all affected devices, apply the following query to blank the ssh password: 

run sql update device set sshpassword='' where name='SEPMAC_OF_IP_Phone'  

+++ Change 'SEPMAC_OF_IP_Phone' to IP Phone Device Name i.e. 'SEP00AABBCCDD' +++


If you want to blank the ssh password on all devices, run the following query: 

run sql update device set sshpassword='' where name like 'SEP%'

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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

This really helped me fixing the issue. We recently upgraded from 10.5 version to 12.5.1 and could experience this recently when trying to modify a device. 

The solution help to resolve the issue.


S. Sriram

I happened upon this while researching the same problem. 


What I found was that I couldn't update any devices which had a SSH password assigned without a SSH UserID.


I found this by querying the database directly. 


admin:run sql select name,sshpassword,sshuserid from device where sshpassword <> "" and sshuserid = ""
name sshpassword sshuserid
=============== ============ =========
SEP1CDEA733082A sshpassword!!
SEP00082FB490CE sshpassword!!
SEP1CDEA78334C0 sshpassword!!



When querying the device in /ccmadmin the password didn't seem to show up. 


After running an update on the database, again via sql to blank out the ssh password, I was able to update the devices again. 


admin:run sql update device set sshpassword = '' where name = "SEP1CDEA78334C0"


I updated individually as I don't like running generic updates on the device table, but you could summarize to do it all in 1 sql statement. 


Hope this helps. 



Hi , thanks Bradley , i had this issue after migration from 10.5 to , and my problem was only with a few phones , i couldnt update phone page , only ine page.. You solution worked very well to me.


Did this not get fixed in

Running into the same problem.

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