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Unable to resolve partner name


unable to resolve failover partner name to FQDN

I get this erro rwhen trynin to access certain parts of subscriber web pages. i then get prompted for the username and password. I am able to continue operations once I enter the corect credentials. I am not using failover and would like this error to go away. i see the sam thing on another customers UNity Server.

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What version of Unity do you have? It should be corrected if you upgrade to 4.0(3)SR1.



I've seen this error before in relation to a DNS issue. I have a few clients using Unity as voicemail only so Unity is installed in it's own domain. I always use the http:///saweb url to access the administration pages and when I do a search for a subscriber it pops up a new window and replaces the ip address portion in the url with the host name of the Unity server and gives me the error you mention. If I replace the name with the IP address then it let me in. I haven't actively looked for a resolution so unfortunately I can't really help you there but you might be able to fix it by adding the hostname of your Unity box to your DNS server or set up a trust between your Unity domain and your network domain.

This totally worked for me. Thanks. I didn't find the fix, but that's okay.


SA - Subscriber view may fail when SA accessed by IP address

Release-note: Symptom:

Subscriber record views may fail to display when the Unity System Administration is accessed via IP



If the Unity SA is accessed via IP address (like, when attempting to view a

subscriber record, a dialog box stating, "Unable to resolve failover partner name to FQDN". This

may also happen if the Unity SA is accessed in a DNS format (like

After entering the SA as described above, go to the Subscriber page.

Select the Find button.

Enter in a search criteria.

When presente with a list of subscribers, select one.

A dialog box with the following message is displayed, "Unable to resolve failover

partner name to FQDN".


For any client that needs to access Unity via IP address, place an entry in the hosts file that has

the host name (without any periods) mapped to an IP address.

Further Problem Description:

This has been seen when accessing Unity from the same domain as Unity and from a different domain

as Unity. It has also been seen when accessing Unity is this manner from the Unity console itself.

It has only been seen in 4.0(3).

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