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unity Your Messages Are not Available Now:only 1 user

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I have 1 user that is getting voicemails in Outlook, but when he tries to play them from his IP Phone he gets the announcement "Your Messages Are not Available Now"  His mailbox in Exchange was moved and the Permissions Wizard was run on that mail store, but the problem is isolated to just this one user.  So far we tried to delete and recreate his mailbox in Unity, but no joy.

Please help, Chet

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William Bell
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Is this the only user that was moved to the new mail store? What version of Exchange (old mail store and new)? What version of Unity?

My experience has been that this is common when you move to a new mailstore and do not run Permissions Wizard after the move. You have done this, but it may be worth your time to check this tech note out ( note-the setup /sync step). In regards to Permissions Wizard, if you aren't running the latest version (check here: then you may want to load the latest version. Also, can you run Permissions Wizard and select the "Report on Current Permissions (Exchange Only)" to double check things.

You may also want to check some things in your AD and Exchange environment. Like ensuring that permissions are applied on AD user object (ensure that unity service account permissions are inherited) and checking to ensure the unity message store service account has appropriate permissions on the new message store.

Version info would be a good data point.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Thanks for the fast reply, Multiple users were moved from 1 mailbox store to another on the same Exchange 2003 server.  Unity

Module Version 5.0(1)

Thanks, Chet


Bill always provides valid points.  To expand on what he said and something for you to try based on what you said was done for this one user...

You mentioned everyone but the one user is working.  You also deleted the Unity subscriber for this user and then recreated it.  However, this doesn't reassociate a user to a mailbox or AD account unless you recreated the subscriber using the import method.  In fact, quite the opposite happens (depending on your environment, that is).  With Exchange 2003 and when Unity has permissions to do so, it will create a new AD user and mailbox.

So, did you recreate the Subscriber using the import method?  If not, I would recommend that you delete the Subscriber and recreate it except this time time choose to created based on an existing user.  Then see what objects are available for this user's alias.  If you have multiple entries, you'll need to go into the mailstore and wipe out the duplicate mailbox.

I would also suggest checking out the following blog entry:

Even though only one user is affected, you may still need to resync the message store.  This would need to be done during off-hours and takes a while based on how large the system is.


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Thanks David, Cisco Tac has indentifed a bug (Unity bug CSCsu90552 ) that is affecting this one user's voicemail access and the workaround they advise to to bounce the Unity server.  There is no patch at this time, but appatrently ver. 6x and or 7x are not affected by the bug.  I don't think our Unity is allowd to cread user accounts in AD and I normally import existing accounts from Exchange when setting up new users or recreatig mail boxes.