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Update another users presence status

sean Riley

My question: Is there a way to update another users availability status in presence?  For example, a user will be out of the office unexpectedly for a week and we want to note that in their Out of Office status.

If not, do others think this would be a nice feature?

We are getting ready to roll out presence v8.5 with the CUPC client v8.5.  We will be replacing an in house program that is used to show users "availability".  They can use this current program to check in or out and show if they are out for medical or vacation.  Quite a bit of the time we have to update someones "availability" for them which the in house program allows.

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Christos Georgiadis

Hi Sean,

I have CUP 8.0 in my lab at the moment and I could not find any such feature. I searched a bit but I don't think you can do it even in 8.5

I checked the release notes of CUP 8.5 (new and changed information) and also the release notes of CUPC 8.5

I agree with you that this is a nice feature to be added.

You can discuss this with your local cisco account team and file a PER (Product Enhancement Request)

If a lot of people want this it has a lot more possibilities to be added as a feature in an upcoming release.

Hope this helps,


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