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Upgrade from CUCM and Unity 3.x to CUCM Business Edition 8.5

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I'm trying to find the recommended upgrade path from CUCM 3.x and Unity to 3.x to a single CUCM Business Edition 8.5 server.  As far as I can see there is no migration strategy from call manager cluster environment to a Business Edition environment.  If there isn't has anyone done this and if so what steps did you take.  As it stands right now I'm thinking of building it fresh but I would think there would be some more efficient way to do it.  Any suggestions?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Those are pretty old versions and as you mention there is no upgrade path to a BE.

Other than going thru all the process of upgrading to 8.x standalone and then use BAT to get as much info as possible to then just import to the same 8.x version, the only other option is a manual transfer of the info using BAT to export as much as you can get and then formatting all that so it's in the right format for 8.X as there will be a lot of fields that you won't have and are now mandatory.



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You are looking at a rebuild in pretty much any scenario when you consider the 3.x versioning of your current applications.  Your best bet is to BAT / bulk out the phones/users (from CCM) and Subscribers (from Unity) and use that as a seed to populate a new BAT file to reimport that data into CUCM-BE components.  Outside of that, you'll need to rebuild from scratch.


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hey Java & Hailey,

Right on the money here guys! +5 points



And what about from CUCM / Unity 7.x to CUCMBE v8 or v9 !?

The only path is build it from scratch and Bat  export/import ?

Hi Philippe

Not necessarily. If you're going to BE6K, then there should be a path to upgrade each of your applications from their current versions. As BE6K implements CUCM and CUC as separate VMs, you should simply be able to follow the well documented mechanisms to upgrade these platforms.

If you're going from Unity to CUC (any versions), then you'll need to use COBRAS for this available form the unitytools web site.

The method I've used for for CUCM upgrades (7.1(5) and higher).

1. Build CUCM under VMware at the same release as your physical appliance with same IP address and hostname (obviously put this on an isolation VLAN).

2. DRS backup current PUB and DRS restore onto new VM.

3. Upgrade new VM PUB to whichever release you want to get to following standard upgrade instructions. Note you may need to get a temporary V7 license from Cisco for this, otherwise you may not be able to upgrade (you'll receive a message saying upgrades not allowed in grace license period).

4. Rehost existing CUCM licenses. If you're going to V9, carefully check your license status before doing the upgrade. There's a few gotachs here, one recent one is that analog devices attached to VG2XX gateways now consume licenses whereas they didn't in earlier versions of CUCM.

If you're going to BE5K then it will be a manual process start to finish using BAT for CUCM, although COBRAS should work for Unity to CUC.


Barry Hesk

Intrinsic Network Solutions.

Barry, thanks a lot for your help.

Let's say if we install the Be6K  with CUCM v7 to import the actual back of the production..

For the moment we import the data on the server...I am not sure that v7 is supported by cisco on that VM..  

I need a total supported migration path.

What do you think...

Hi Philippe

CUCM V7 isn't supported under VMware in production, however you are just using it as a stating mechanism to get to 8.x or 9.x. I've done this several times and it works fine.

The only other way to do this would be to upgrade your physical PUB to 8.x first, and build your VM at the same level.

You may find that your hardware doesn't support 8.x. however.


Barry Hesk

Intrinsic Network Solutions

Thanks Barry !