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Upgrading CUCM from 11 to 12.5

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Level 1


I need to upgrade CUCM/CUC to version

I have server ucsc-c220-m4s and Esxi 5.5

I first plan to upgrade ESXI 5.5 to 6.7 : I will like to know if my server can support ESXI 6.7

Kindly help with documentation or yutube tutorial that you use for the ESXI upgrade and CUCM/CUC upgrade 11.x to 12.5

Thanks so much

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

That information is on VMware's compatibility site, you can find it very easily, as well as the ESXi upgrade instructions, you can find all you need with just a few minutes in google.

As for CUCM/CUC upgrade:

Mandatory reading regardless of what upgrade path you choose, all for target version 
A) Upgrade and migration guide
B) Release Notes 
C) Compatibility matrix (depending on product might be a standalone doc, or within any of the other docs I mention) 
D) README from ova
E) HW/ESXi compatibility 
After reading all of the above, you'll have all the information to plan the upgrade. 




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Apart from the amazing information already received from Java I would recommend you to upgrade to a newer version of CM 12.5 than the one you have listed as that is the base release of the 12.5 release train. There are 6 SU releases out there for 12.5, my advice would be to go for 12.5 SU6.

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