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Voicemail to Email


I am not able to successfully setup Email notification with Office365.

The error I receive after clicking Send Test Email is "Test Result: Unknown SMTP host:"

I am using the GUI to configure everything.

I have made sure that the email I am trying to use for notifications is a global admin in Office365.

I think my issue might be with the Domain Name Settings.

In System > Domain Name Settings I have added the IP address of our domain, but I'm not sure if that is what I was supposed to do.

External SMTP Server:

Security Mode: STARTTLS

Port: 587


Password: accountpassword

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Nadeem Ahmed
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

are you using CUE or CUC?

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I believe it's the CUC. Check the attachments to make sure.

It's CUE. Are you using DNS and able to resolve "" or do ping to from your PC and CUE and check are you able to resolve it  now if not from CUE then you have to fix it first

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I am able to ping it from my PC, but the CUE is unable to. Below is the output from CLI. What should I set DNS to?

CUE# ping
ping: unknown host

configure its public DNS if you have don't one

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I set that as the DNS but am still unable to ping and when I click 'Send Test Email' I still receive "Test Result: Unknown SMTP host:"

are you able to ping from CUE ? can  you try reload of CUE and check again

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Both before and after the reload I get "Destination Host Unreachable" from the ping.

check the following things..its a routing issue

1) ping ip address of DNS ie from CME?

2)ping default GW and CME ip address from CUE? if not able ping then its issue with CUE itself you need to fix this first

3) run the trace route check where its failing?

4)check SMTP port is open?

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