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VoiceView Express and Messages Button

James Hawkins
Level 8
Level 8


I have Unity Express 8.0.5 integrated with CUCM 8.0.

Users have 7945 and 7965 IP phones and use Extension Mobility.

I have configured VoiceView Express and it is working ok but users find that having to press the Services button and then scroll to the service is a chore. Unfortunately I cannot assign the service URL to a button as the 7945 phones use button 1 for a line and button 2 for HLog.

I would like to know if there is any way of programming the Messages button on the phones so that VoiceView Express runs when it is pressed.


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Steven Smith
Level 7
Level 7

You could create an IP Phone services, make the service type Messages, and provide the URL.  Then subscribe your phones to that service.

Also, you could change all of the messages buttons under the phones you want to change under the phone settings page.

External data locations has a spot for messages.  That controls the same button.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the response. I have managed to get it working by following pretty much what you said.

I defined a new IP phone service with type Messages and subscribed my phone to it and when I press the Messages button I get two options on the screen - "Voicemail" which when selected launches the CUC TUI and VoiceView Express.

I did not have to modify the Messages URL on the phone to get this working.

My problems are now how to remove the Voicemail option - it is an Enterprise subscription and then how to subscribe the Extension Mobility User Device Profiles to the new VoiceView Express service as BAT does not support doing this

I guess I should have done a bit more testing before configuring all the users.

I do think that Cisco maybe need to review which IP phone services need to be Enterprise Subscriptions by default. I would like to see Voicemail and Personal Directory modified so they are not Enterprise subscriptions out of the box.

Thanks again