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2010 UM - CUCM 6 - Find Me fails to connect

I have Exchange 2010 UM integrated with CUCM 6.

On the Cisco side:

  • SIP Trunk
  • Route Pattern for Exchange UM Dial Plan Pilot number - 5099
  • Route Pattern for Exchange UM Auto Attendant - 5098
  • Voice Mail Pilot for Exchange UM
  • Voice Mail Profile for Exchange UM.. 

On the Exchange side:

  • Dial Plan - Pilot number - 5099
  • IP Gateway
  • Hunt Group
  • UM Mailbox Policy
  • Auto Attendant - Pilot number - 5098

Configured a test phone in Cisco to use the new Voice Mail profile for Exchange.  Press the messaging button and get directed to the Pilot number as expected, Exchange announces my name and asks for my PIN as expected..  Works perfectly...

I can dial the Auto Attendant Pilot and get prompted as expected..  I can even lookup users in the directory and Exchange will place the call to internal 4 digit extensions and externally to 10 digit numbers as expected...   I believe that this would be a "Blind" transfer..   And it works great.

Now for my only remaining problem...  If I configure on my mailbox a find me number, my mobile number, then when someone calls my desk phone and it rolls to voicemail they are prompted with the option to attempt to find me or leave a message.  If the chose to find me, Exchange places the call though to my cell phone...  My cell phone actually rings as expected, when I answer I am prompted by Exchange to either accept or decline the call..  When I select to accept the call, the call gets dropped..   I beleive this would be a "Supervised" transfer..  And it doesn't work...

In the Windows Server event log I get 403 Response "Forbidden" returned from CUCM..  I can't figure out where in CUCM I need to make a configuration change so that this type of transfer is allowed...


Did you ever get your issue resolved?

I'm having a similar issues, just not able to actually call out for the Find Me option.



Hi Guys,

I've got the same issue as greg, where the FindMe feature is not working. I want to check with greg have you set the settings on the sip device security profile.

You need to enable:

Accept Replaces Header

In CUCM 8 and above the microsoft intergration guide says to enable

Accept Out of Dialog REFER

Accept Presence Subscription

Transmit Security Status

As well as Accept Replaces Header and Accept Unsolicited Notification (for MWI).

the thing is ive done all this, i dont get the 403 sip forbidden errors in UM event logs, what seems to happen for me is the DTMF tone to press 1 to accept call does not work. UM does not recieve it from the mobile user.

ive tried both the default DTMF and the RFC one under the sip trunk.

heres the link to the MS intergration guide for UM to CUCM 8


Did you ever get thiis resolved? We are seeing the same behavior.



I haven't got it to work yet, but it's still on my list---just moved to the bottom.


Yeah it does not work extenally in CUCM 8.6 either, it will work if the find me numbers are internal dial plan. So if i set the find me to XXXX then it works. As soon as it has to come from the h323 gateway it fails.

TAC reviewed my issue and with traces came back and said that CUCM is getting the response from UM but UM does not complete the handover.


Any update?

We have the same issue with CUCM 7.1 and Exchange UM 2010 SP1 with Rollup 5.  Transfers to internal extentions work fine, but as soon as you try to make the transfer an external number, it appears the DTMF stops working. 

If I try and make my cell phone the target, my cell phone will ring and I will hear the message from the UM attendant.  However, no matter what buttons I press, nothing happens and the call on my cell phone drops and the original caller gets a message that the transfer could not be completed and to leave a message.

The Exchange event logs do not show the 403 error I was getting earlier.  I got rid of that by deselecting "Accept Out-of-Dialog REFER" in the SIP security profile.

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