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7925 phone silence holes

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with the 7925 phones.

We have a Cisco Call Manager with a couple of access points and a wireless lan controller.

But we have at some points some sort of hole in the sound. He doesn't loose it's connection because i don't hear the beep when he's out of range.

And according to the phone he still has a connection with the access point. But there is no sound anymore. And if i walk a couple of meters further i got sound again. If i walk back i somehow get in the same hole and loose the sound. Further back in i got sound back.

I know when it comes to WiFi that there can be some sort of blind spot but there isn't. He still has it's connection with the AP.

Is there a value regarding de RSSI value that he needs to have to get a normal speech?

I hope someone can help me.

I will post this issue also in the WiFi section because i think that it needs to be there also.

Thanks in advance.

Henk Feenstra

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