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Michael Horton

8865 Visual Voicemail problem

I have one 8865 (sip8845_65.11-5-1-18) configured on my CallManager ( that has the Visual Voicemail service subscribed on it. It used to work fine but now, whenever I press the "Messages" button and sign in, it routes to an non-configured extension and tells me that the call cannot be completed as dialed. It happens to a couple of other phones intermittently ( a 7945 and an 8845), but constantly with mine. Other phones with the service have no issues. I've performed resets, factory resets, unsubs and resubs to the service, and even deleted and reinstalled the phone. Nothing restored the service. I put the extension on a 7945 and it worked fine. This is quite frustrating to me since it's my phone that isn't working and I'm the system admin!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


had this problem before was related to this bug :


Am not Sure if this is your case or not, but lets assume its not dose the 79XX and 88XX uses the same service ?

There was a new service created for the 8800 series phones and mine was set for it. The only difference I found between the config and the directions was the value for the Call Connect Delay. It was set for 2500 and I changed it to what the reference indicated - 1000. It didn't help. I just can't understand why it dials a different number for the voicemail pilot. What it's trying to use isn't even configured in CM for anything!  It's supposed to dial 1000 and it's dialing 5555. I'm stumped.

stumped me as well, will can we try create a Translation pattern 5555 that translate 5555 to 1000 ?



Hi @Michael Horton, talking about the number dialed 5555 do you have find anything? or as @Nashaatmusa said, with the translation pattern the issue was fixed? and the real question is where is set this 5555 on the service? is a parameters of the phone service?

Since we only experienced this issue with phones I erroneously migrated using the Migration feature, our resolution was to wipe and reconfigure each affected phone individually. This seems to have resolved the incorrect voicemail pilot number problem.

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