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Accessing Voice Mail

Unity is configured with Exchange 2003 and does anybody know how to access unity messages directly from unity instead of outlook. As a unity administartor I would like to tap to user voicemail and forward messages or other administrator process. Please note that all our subscribers are accessing voice mail thru phone and outlook.

David Hailey

As far as an administrator being able to access user voicemail (in your question, specifically from the TUI - which would be non-Outlook access), you would need to know the user's PIN number to be able to do this.  Honestly, this would be a pretty rare setup and one that would be hard to manage.

Now when you say "tap" into voicemail, do you simply mean access messages (you could do this via Exchange but may be cumbersome) or do you literally mean "tap" as in "listen to" voicemail as it is being recorded?  I assume the first and the question may sound silly but anything can pop up on the forums.


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Most cases I know the PIN, this is not to access the voice mail every day. Let me spell the problem I am facing. A person leaves the company and the email account has to be disabled but the phone and voicemail has to stay up. Because of phone number is used for many communications, I would like to access the voicemail thru some other application outside Outlook. I remember reading about accessing voicemail with client (much similar to Outlook and Exchange). The question is how do I retrieve the messages without listening each voicemail and forward them to another subscriber.

Management is has a reason to shut the email but keep the phone number and voicemail.

I meant to access the voicemail not eavesdrop :).

What is TUI?



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With your setup, I see the following options:

1. You could set up an IMAP folder (you would likely use Outlook) from an administrator's workstation and login to the ex-employee's mailbox.  This would require a few things:  a) The AD account is still enabled b) the mailbox still exists in Exchange c) you or someone can change the user's AD password to a temporary one for you to use to set up the IMAP folder.  You could grab all of voice messages and forward them to another user.  The account could then be safely deleted.  However, if you are doing Unified Messaging - this is a lot more work than it may seem.

2. You could just leave the user's mailbox intact and then your management would know that the user's account and mailbox are disabled but all the messages were left as-is.

3) You can also use PCA (Personal Communications Inbox) and Unity Inbox to access a user's voicemail but again you need the password and the user must be given rights to use Unity Inbox in the Class of Service.

If you are truly using Unity, the voicemail is actually just an email that is sent to Exchange and resides in a mailbox.  Therefore, decoupling them is not a simple matter (administratively) of just grabbing messages and forwarding them on.

Some questions for you to clarify things and help further:

1) You are using UNITY (as stated) or Unity Connection?  This is important because they are two very different products.  If you are integrated with Exchange and receiving email/voicemail in Outlook then this is Unity and a Unified Messaging configuration.  What management is requesting you to do is not so cut and dry (unless you go with #2 which would require that a lot of old accounts be left around).

2) Would you be able to explain to management how Unity is tightly integrated with AD and Exchange and possibly influence their stance/requirement as you have stated it?  In other words, is the requirement really a requirement or just a "like to have" option for when an employee leaves...there is a big difference there as well.  If it is truly a requirement then management may need to prepare to change some policies or even shell out some $$$ in extra support costs or other items to make this work effectively.


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David, thank you for your input. I personally prefer the the third option and since I am the Unity admin I can setup the CoS. Do you know any link how to setup PCA? My concern is there are few messages left new and saved messages and after the exchange account disabled, I can not access the email since it is disabled (thou I have admin right to see emails).

The future messages are forwarded/transferred to the designated subscriber using unity voicemail prompt. The concern is to fwd all saved/new messages to the designated subscriber without enabling the account.

Management request is only one time (rare cases)

I am using Unity8 with integrated with Exchange 2003 (unified messages)

If the Exhange acct is disabled, there is no way to access the messages from Unity as the mailbox would be offline from Unity's perspective.

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