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AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone which Part Number to enable this?


we need a License for our ASA5520

=> AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone

to test the new VPN Feature available for the IP Phones with UCM8

but we could not find any Part Number for this.

does someone have this Part Number? is it already orderable?


No if this is Phone VPN you need premium any connect based on the number of sessions/phones plus a one time ASA Platform license based on the ASA model

L-ASA-AC-PH-55XX where XX is the model number.



Great thanks a lot!

Hey Srinivasan,

I think the license model is backwards.  Example:

I have two 7965G phones I want to use AnyConnect for Cisco Cisco VPN Phone for connection back to cucm 8.6(4).  I have an ASA5510.

From what I have read elsewhere I would need:

Qty: 2 ..... L-ASA-AC-PH-5510=  (per phone)

Qty: 1 .....  L-ASA-VPNP-5510=  (per Appliance)

Am I reading something wrong?


No it's the other way the premium SSL VPN licenses is based on the number of sessions and the ASA PH license is a one time platform license even the description will state that

Thanks for your quick response.  I stand corrected:

My quantities should look like:

Qty: 1 ..... L-ASA-AC-PH-5510=  (per Appliance)

Qty: 2 .....  L-ASA-VPNP-5510=  (per phone)

You got it..



Hi Srini,

we have a similar question.

One ASA and one 8865 phone.

Is it still the same license model?

Best regards


It has a changed a bit now to the point where I haven't kept on it :-). I have started to move towards expressway now (even though it has caveats) since its a more UC centric solution with one edge box. I believe plus licensing now includes all of this but I am not a security specialist

Thank you Srini - I will try to find it out ;-)

Shekhar Mahajan

Gentlemen, Can someone kindly explain what this feature exactly is? What is a Cisco VPN phone and what's the key purpose of the Cisco ASA5520 acting as a SSL VPN Server?

Is it simply a better experience and quality for voice calls over SSL VPN OR there's more to it; appreciate the response


You might want to look at this thread. In here you will see a link for a couple of slides that will show the differences between Phone proxy, VPN client or using an appliance such as 800 series etc for VPN. In a nut shell it allows the phone using the inbuilt VPN client to use SSL to register with ASA or IOS device and function remotely. It requires CUCM8, 9.0(2) firmware and it is supported only on the 79x2,x5 series today


Sorry buddy, lost you here a bit; dont see any link with slides on this one thread. What am i missing?

Hey Srini, does it requires  ahigher level of access? Its not authorizing me. Or does this needs Partner level access?

thanks, Shekhar

Yes it requires partner access. You can see here



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