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Are you considering deploying integrated on-premises and on-demand collaboration solutions?

Cisco lets you choose how you deploy collaboration solutions – On-demand (Software as a Service), On-premises, Managed CPE or Hosted.  Customers can also choose to deploy solutions that combine integrated on-demand and on-premises components.  An example of this is Cisco WebEx web conferencing (on-demand) and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace voice and video conferencing (on-premises), which have been integrated to provided a unified setup, attend and in-meeting user experience.  WebEx Connect will also have on-premises extensions in the future.

Is your organization considering integrating on-demand and on-premises collaboration solutions?  If so, what solutions and why?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Solutions Marketing Manager


I'm the technology administrator for a liberal arts college in Virginia.  We're considering deploying two solutions which aren't Cisco solutions but I'm interested in hearing what you think we might gain from Cisco alternatives.  We use ANGEL as our Learning Management System.  We're considering integrating Wimba (for audio and video discussions) inside of our ANGEL instance.  We're considering outsourcing our student and alumni email to Google mail, which would also give us institutional access to Google docs for online collaborative solutions.

What should I/we be considering that we would additionally gain from a Cisco solution?

Thanks for providing this space for these discussions!

Christine Stinson

Dean of Information and Learning Management

Ferrum College


Hi Christine,

You could consider Webex as a possible solution see this link

There are several options for a solution. if you have a Cisco rep or reseller assigned to your University I would suggest you work closely with them to cusctomize a solution that fits your specific needs. I personally use the WebEx solution to deliver training to our employees; it offers numerous functions such as Voice, Video, and Chat interfaces as well as the ability to take notes while viewing presentations or attending meetings.

The WebEx training center offers the ability to record sessions and deliver them at a later date, share documents, create breakout groups for lab sessions or group exercises, create tests, and report on the results with ease - much like having a virtual classroom anywhere that you have internet access. WebEx also offers support service to help with design and technical issues that may arise. Do take a look at the link I think it may be of interest.

Mark Densmore

Thank you, Mark.  I've cc'd your reply to my Cisco reps.  I'll review the online materials you suggested, set up the 14-day trial, and follow up with my Cisco reps.

Thank you for your help!



Hi Christine,

You are most welcome. Please help us grow the community by spreading the word. Positive feedback like yours makes it all worth while.

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