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Assign open desk phones to Pseudo Users CPC

Is there batch Action file that allows you to assign existing endpoints in CUCM to pseudo users? We are trying to assign some open office phones to the location's pseudo user account.

Cisco Employee

There is the world before CUCM/PCP 10.5 and the world after CUCM/PCP10.5.

How LDAP and pseudo are handled in CUCM/PCP is different post CSR/UC release 10.5.


The concept of Pseudo user in PCP is only relevant in LDAP environments before CUCM 10.5.

The products were developed together to handle LDAP better when the products are installed together.  If I draw a minimum line at the CUCM 10.5(2) release and look at the configurations, they are as follows.   CUCM is not expected to do LDAP syncs but only to have authentication turned on. PCP does all LDAP syncs and controls adding users to CUCM and optionally can auto provision users services.

In the newer PCPs, a user can be a human or a location (ironconfroom or tpRoom4). The user can be in LDAP or not. The location can also be in LDAP.   When PCP creates a user, the user is pushed to CUCM as an LDAP User if the user came from an LDAP sync.  If the user does not exist in LDAP, PCP pushes the user as a Local User.   If PCP pushes an LDAP user into CUCM and the user ends up marked as a local user, then CUCM/PCP LDAP settings are not correct.  Usually the search base used between the products is setup wrong. 

It is also possible to have a Domain(s) that are used for rooms/locations that does not have LDAP support (security server set to NONE).   In this case when a room is added to this Domain, it will be pushed to CUCM as a local user.

The only reason an admin would mark a user as pseudo is if the admin does not want the person or room to appear in CUCM for some reason but wants the services to appear in CUCM. Generally pseudo is a legacy concept and is not needed anymore.


That should clarify how PCP/CUCM work today and what pseudo is for.   The regular batch add samples work for any user today.   There is a possible column to add to allow making a user a pseudo user but since it is no longer needed it is not there by default.  Check the batch help function for all the batch settings available in PCP.



Once you understand the pseudo and user concepts, the rest should be pretty easy.  Assuming CUCM and PCP are setup correctly, you should be able to create a user-with-services add batch file and type/paste in an open space MAC address as the phone in the MAC field.  You can, at a later time, associate more open space phones to the user, or you can add additional lines to the batch to add phone to the user over and over with each line having a different MAC address. 


Alternately, you could just use the import user sample file behind the import users button on the User Provisioning UI.   This gives you a CSV file you can fill out with a room/user per phone, add the MAC address of the open space phone and import the file. Many user/phone combinations can be in the template. A bunch of users with phones will then be provisioned and appear in PCP and CUCM. 

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