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Sharleen Suarez

ata187 on CUCM 7.0.2

The replacement for ATA186 is the ATA187 and it runs on SIP, it is said in the data sheet that it will only be supported on CUCM 7.1.5 and later. Has anyone tried installing it on lower version of CUCM? Please advise.


Bryce Owen

Yes, we have it installed on ver 6.14. It even says it is registered in the ccm. Just make sure you do the device upgrade and the firmware updates.


Did the ATA187 show in the device list after you installed the device upgrade? I´m running 6.1.5 and the device upgrade installed without any errors, but it doesn´t show in the device list.

Regards marenl01


We have a customer can not use ATA 187 on CM 6.x. Which version / firmware update of ATA 187 do we have to install?



Did everyone who tried this reboot their call manager? We had to upgrade to 6.14 so we had to do a reboot anyway. I know the services have to be restarted so a reboot might be easier.

Bump to this thread!  Has anyone else tried this?


It runs on 6.1.4 so it "should" work on 7.0.2, at least the basic functions. After installing the two packages in the right order you have to reboot, otherwise it won´t show up as a device.

Stan Budco

this post is fairly old, but it seems that there's a solution to ATA187 support with CUCM 6.1.4 and above, please review the answer that I recieved from PDI Helpdesk

Hi Stan,

I consulted your question with the ATA 187 developers. They confirmed the following:

"Pre 9.2(3) is compatible with CUCM 7.1.5 and higher.

From 9.2(3) load, CUCM 6.1.5 and higher are supported."

Therefore, if you are using CUCM version 7.1(3), you need to use firmware version 9.2(3) or higher in your ATA 187 devices to get them working.

That means also that the ATA 187 data sheet is incorrect. The ATA 187 developers at Cisco's Business Unit are already aware of this, so the document is going to be corrected, though they did not provide a date for this.

Having said that, the procedure for having ATA 187s working with CUCM 7.1(3) would be the following:

  1. Go to this link:

and download these files:



The first file is the "device enabler", the second file is firmware version 9.2(3) for ATA 187 devices.

  1. Install the device enabler file only in the publisher server.

  1. Install the firmware file on ALL servers in the CUCM cluster, starting with publisher.

  1. Restart the TFTP service on ALL servers in the CUCM cluster, starting with publisher.

  1. Restart the CallManager service on ALL servers in the CUCM cluster, starting with publisher.

Please let me know if you need further assistance regarding this case or if we can proceed with case closure.


Roberto Jaime

Cisco PDI Help Desk Team

1 408 902 2266

Thanks for sharing



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