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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Attendant Console Advanced doubt: How does blind xfers work?


I have a doubt with blind transfer in Attendant Console Advanced (CUACA). This doubt is regarding at how many calls are made in order to make a blind transfer. I have seen in the traces that when we perform a blind transfer outside the company (using a SIP Trunk for example), we need two calls. The first one is cancelled (this is made from operator's phone) and a second one is make (from CTI Port).


I don't understand this behavior and the customer doesn't want to have a missed call (cancelled call) in their phones while they are waiting the  real call.

Is this a behaviour that is possible to solve if we change any registry key?

Could anybody help me with this doubt?



Cisco Employee

Hi Antonio,With a consult

Hi Antonio,

With a consult transfer, the operator phone initiates the transfer. With blind transfers, the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) port (service device) initiates the transfer.

When the operator performs a blind transfer via the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced
application, the original caller is moved to a CTI Port (the Service device). This CTI Port then answers the call, and makes the transfer to the target extension. This call flow enables Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced’s transfer recall functionality ( page 33 )

Also, check the following




Hi Manish,thank you for your

Hi Manish,

thank you for your response.

I have reviewed second link yesterday.

About the workflow. I understand how it works, but, if you perform a transfer and you wait until you hear ringback tone, and then you complete the transfer you obtain 2 calls, one cancelled (appear in the phone as missed call) and a new one, that is the good call. The customer has told me that this situation is no good.

In my version doesn't appear Direct Transfer key, how can I enable it?



Cisco Employee

Hi Antonio,The procedure to

Hi Antonio,

The procedure to enable direct transfers is given on pages 34-35 of the following link



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Hello Manish,   I have an

Hello Manish,


 I have an issue, the caller is getting MOH when the operator put the call in to blind transfer option. I checked the CTI port privileges and its seems fine. I found some steps in the documents to change the settings in registry. The interesting thing is i couldn't find the Direct transfer option in the defaults folder.

HKLM > Software > Arc Solutions\Call Connect\Operator\Defaults

Please help me to fix this issue.




HKLM > Software > Arc Solutions\Call Connect\Operator\Defaults - See more at:
HKLM > Software > Arc Solutions\Call Connect\Operator\Defaults - See more at:
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