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Attendant Console Pilot Ringing out


I am trying to configure Attendant Console and have installed and configured both the server and the software on my client PC. I have configured CUCM with an app user, CTI route-point using 8900 as the DN. The app user is associated with the relevant CTI roles and I can log on using the client software and make internal calls. My problem is that when I place an inbound call from the PSTN, it just rings out and doesn't hit the client software or phone. I have a translation pattern set up but this is the same regardles of whether I place a call directly to the pilot or use the external number. I haven't added any configuration under the Application\Cisco Unified CM Attendant Console, as I am unser whether that is required for this version. The Att Con is version 8.0.3 (Business) and the CUCM is version 7.0.1.

Any help would be appreciated



Cisco Employee

Re: Attendant Console Pilot Ringing out

If you call the route point DN for the queue, the call is visible on the Attendant Console client queue and can be answered by the operator. Yes?
But when you setup a translation pattern for a DID to the queue's route point DN and call to the DID, the call does not work.

Check that the PSTN Gateway taking the call has a CSS that includes the partition for the translation pattern. The Gateway's CSS should be able to reach the partition of the Attendant Client Operator's phone, the RP, the CTI Route Point and CTI Route Ports. Also, what is the PSTN connection? T1 PRI?


Re: Attendant Console Pilot Ringing out

It really depends on what kind of gateway do you have? h.323 or mgcp ? This seems more of a translation issue, and could be the css issue. First of, if your pilot does not have any partition, then you should be fine for the css related problem.

Note: I had to edit my response, as you've already stated for other extensions it rings them ok except the pilot. This shows that the pilot has a partition, which is not included in the gateway's css, so you can try adding it and test again.

If you'd like more details, you'll have to give us more details and specifics first.

hope this helps.

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