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Blackberry MVS 5.0 with CUCM 7.1

Recently purchased MVS 5 inorder to add SIP Functionality to our Blackberry Environment.

Not having much luck finding documentation on the Configuration of the Cisco Side. Just wondering if anyone has done the configuration?


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Was able to get this working a few months ago - everything is working flawlessly now!

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Thanks Srini. That is much better than the MVS 4.6 document that I was provided with before; however, it is still not perfectly clear.

Really hoping someone could post some step by step instructions w/ full explanation of the setup.

Not a great learning / troubleshooting experience if I just plug the things in I can read off of a screenshot.

Again though, this is very helpful and I will work with it until I get some more details.

Thank yoU!

MVS Server is Configured (not completely right)
Have MVS Client On Phone
Not Registered with CUCM
Installed COP for MVS
Configured SIP Trunk

What steps need to be taken to have phones register? I want to accomplish this before working with call patterns, translations, etc.

Want to take it one small step at a time....

Hi Adam, Cisco has an app note that describes some of the configuration details, but it's not meant to be a configuration guide for MVS. Here's the link for the appnote:

Can I ask how you acquired MVS? My understanding is that it is available to certified MVS resellers that have been trained and qualified to install MVS. Also I think accessing the MVS software requires a click through to accept a legal rider about use of the software as well, and about being certified. Let us know if we can direct you to RIM or to an authorized MVS reseller.




Hi Adam,

You have already configured Cisco SIP trunk to MVS server and have installed COP files

On Cisco side, did you add the phone as the BlackBerry MVS client (phone type) and configured in the Device Name same phone number as you defined in the MVS extension configuration for the BalckBerry device you are trying to register

I've configured the MVS side and installed the COP files, but have done no other configuration on the cisco side.

Would really like a good step by step on what needs to be done there.


via BB

That's great news, Adam. I thought RIM provides it's partners some very detailed training on how to integrate and configure MVS with CUCM. To UCM, the BB phone is a SIP line side device. Please work with your RIM channel managers and give them feedback on their training materials. I can forward your info directly to RIM if you think that would help. Thanks.


Can someone post the link to the MVS cop file for CUCM 7.1 as I am having trouble finding it?



Hi, RIM like other 3rd parties has the required COP file and should be able to distribute it as part of the solution. Thanks.


Hi Adam!

Have you been able to solve the problem? If so, how?

You want to have a look at this document (also previously posted by Ken):

The documentation from RIM:


Was able to get this working a few months ago - everything is working flawlessly now!

Jian Shen

integrating MVS 5.1 wih CUCM 8.0. The doc is kind of confusing. How many sip trunks do I need to configure?

Just need the 1 SIP Trunk.

Thanks for the response. I went through the cisco doc and at the bottom of the configuration. it was talking about configure SIP on IOS gateway.

The configurations on the same gateways Seem to include MGCP, H323 AND SIP .  Should it be one of them (mgcp, h323 or SIP) instead of all of them. Or  it should actually configured as IPIP gateway which running multiple protocols?

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