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Blackberry MVS Installation


I would like any info regarding the installation of Blackberry MVS client.

I need to know the Cisco portion of the configuration. I have setup the SIP

trunks to point to the MVS Server. I have also done the client setup. The

phone shows unknown and never registers. I can confirm that the WLAN

is connecting to the handheld correctly.

Much appreciated



I have been thinking of this feature.Please I will like to know if this Black Berry MVS will work with Cisco Call Manager Express.Any documentation on this will be appreciated.or Is it for CUCM alone???

Thanks a lot

I have a presentation (Collaboration solutions for Blackberry) from Cisco to Partners where they indicate:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express version 8.0 (support for MVS 5.0 expected June 2010)

I think it is not available yet but must be supported soon.


See my post here:

Hope it will help!

Hi all,

Does anybody has integrated MVS with CME successfully? Unfortunately the MVS integration guide is not really helpfull and I couldn't find guides/documentations from Cisco regarding this topic.

My main issue at the moment is, that the MVS/BB can't register the extension/user.

I appreciate any help.

Kind Regards


Has anyone gotten MVS working fully with CUCM?

I have installed MVS 5 and we have CUCM 7.1.3. As stated above, there are lots of documentation for the MVS side (which is straightforward), but there is nothing out there for the cisco side of the setup.

Really could use some actual documentation (not screenshots without explanation).

Have read all available documentations. Unfortunately the MVS docs reference to Cisco/Tech for all related phone (number) config. That's not really helpful.

Anyway, I was able to get my BB registered with my UC. The problem now is the call routing between UC and MVS. As I can see in the admin interface for MVS you have to enter DID/Phone number to get calls identified for MVS/PBX.

The actual status is, that I'm able to dial the internal BB number but my BB does a call forwarding the the entered phone number. That's really strange.

Does anybody could give my some hints/explanation how to get this solved?

I really appreciate any help.



Hi Alexander.

Can you provide the steps you took to get your CM and MVS system communicating and your phones registering?

Once I get this going, maybe we can work together to tackle the call routing issues you are facing.

Would greatly appreciate it!


Has anyone used this yet?  From looking at the install guide its a basic SIP trunk between CUCM and the MVS server.   Im assuming the MVS is initiating a call squence to the blackberry to PSTN if its not on the network and then SIP when on the LAN?     Anyone provide feedback would be great.


Yes, I have this working between MVS V5.0 and CUCM versions 6, 7 and 8.

I'm not in my normal office right now, but will try and put together a brief guide when I get a moment.

In a nutshell:

Each handheld registers with CUCM (through the MVS Server) as a SIP client.

MVS itself also has a SIP trunk into CUCM which from memory I had to configure on port 6060.

The documentation doesn't explain this well, and the 1st time I got it working was mainly trial and error.


Thanks much for the "nutshell" makes sense to me on how it works. Id assume its basically the same as CUMA, just easier to install

Hi Tommer

Attached are some notes I did from a working MVS installation (which was integrated with CUCM 8.x). Hopefully it will assist. I don't have access to the CUCM system at the moment, so can't confirm exactly how I configured the SIP trunk profile. I know it was non secure, and I had to play with the DTMF relay settings to get it all to work properly. DTMF is really important as it is how the Blackberry handset and MVS signal to each other.

Hope it helps. Barry


Anyone knows if MVS works with BES Express?


MVS is also working with BES Express ..


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